Grow Your Brain

Friday, November 25, 2005


Although this is a time of year filled with traditional celebrations, it might be meaningful to invent some traditions for your family alone. Perhaps usual celebrations could be altered to include more planning by the children in your house. Let them be involved in shopping and preparation of food, making place cards, planning a somg or poem to perform for the family.
Recently we read" I'm In Charge of Celebrations" by Byrd Baylor. The beautifully illustrated book tells of the events she celebrates including an unusual cloud formation, the arrival of "dust devils", sighting animals on her walks. There are many possibilities for one off celebrations such as a lost tooth, but some things might become yearly traditions such as "first iris bloom" or "the sun hits the house before we leave for school day". You could easily fill the calendar with special days.

Sticker Fun

To make your own stickers
Mix two parts white glue with 1 part vinegar. Paint this mixture onto the back of a picture. Let it dry. Cut it out. Lick and stick.